About the CAT

Picture of PC login screen

CAT PC Computer Station

The Center for Accessible Technologies (CAT) houses electronic resources for faculty, students, and staff with disabilities in a centralized location at Shields Library. 

Resources available at the CAT include a variety of state-of-the-art accessible hardware (e.g., large-screen adjustable-height monitors, specialized input devices), software (e.g., screen reading, dictation software), and furnishings (e.g. adjustable chairs, tables). The CAT will also serve as a venue where all our faculty and staff can become informed about electronic accessibility issues and strategies for providing greater access to the University's electronic environment.

The CAT is the result of a collaborative effort between IET (Academic Technology Services Department), Student Affairs (the Student Disabilities Center), Shields Library, Environmental Health and Safety (Ergonomics), and Human Resources.

If you need to determine what accessible technology would work best for you, please set up an appointment with an accessible technology specialist:

For other questions or comments, please email cat@ucdavis.edu.